Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Success

Yesterday I gain a great success after a long time. I believed in something I was sure that is true but my project manager didn't accept that ,despite ever I didn't kill my self to convince him, instead I explain my reasons after he didn't accept what I told and his reasons weren't logical, so I told him that: It's my opinion whether you accept it or not and started to talk about a technical problem I had with my code.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

expriencing or not?

There are times you are happy, successful, self-confident and … suddenly those annoying memories come to your mind and descend the satisfying degree. I hate such times which spoil my life. today was one of those days, exactly by the time I was happy and walking somewhere between sky and ground, memories and justifications played the role of a stave and …BANG! it came down on my head and I fell on the ground, this feeling was annoying me till after dinner that I went to walk around our little garden among the yard of the house. During walking I was analyzing this process and finally I concluded it’s the cost of the experiencing , it means that if one doesn't like to pay the cost of experience, shouldn't experience it, otherwise will be annoyed. on the other hand if one decides to pay the cost, should be tough enough and Undoubtedly the more one pays, the more mature will come. it's my opinion though you may have another and I respect it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a day full of new experiences

Last thursday I went to one of my friend's villa with some friends for lunch.the villa was somewhere called golmakan , about 35 km far from Mashhad,. it was a little nice villa among a garden with a small stable in the corner. There was an old heater inside, it was a long time I hadn't seen an old heater which uses wood to heat .as it was becoming colder ,Bahram invited me to experience analog ways of living!he meant collecting wood for the heater:) we collected some wood together and turned on the heater, soon it heated up, much sooner than a gas heater does .Reza(the owner of the villa) said such amount of woods(there were about 10 woods ,each one about 60 cm) last only for an hour, I was wondering even simplest processes of life used to be really time-consuming one day! it is why technology progress has been that much slow I suppose-just compare the time we use to turning on a gas or electrical heater with the time they had to use to collect and chop that much wood just for heating the house for some hours!Bahram showed me a pool the locals had made to collect water for water shortage days, till yesterday I thought locals use only cellars or something like that underground to save water. I carried saddle for the first time ,was heavy. Reza said they cost between 200 thousand to 2 million tomans(about $200-$2000) it depends on the leather which is been used to make it, being artificial leather or original.
To reach there I drove out the city for the first time, it wasn't hard at all, just a little bit scary when those heavy trucks passed ! Bahram thought my car doesn't have heater! As he said some Paykans don't have heater because they don't have thermostats!! but mine has heater so has thermostats D: -what a scientific journey has it been:)-

Friday, February 13, 2009

sheng coffee shop

Yesterday I went to one of my friends villa out of the city,I will write about it later on,
After coming back to the city I thought it's a long time I haven't seen Nafise, a glimpse to my watch and :YES I HAVE TIME.I called her and we went to sheng ,a coffee shop in hashemie, I had plan to go someday. It has a more romantic area than Secret café-another café in hashemie- which is a real hotbox!. almost all who were sitting where couples and had come for valentine day. most girls were smoking whereas boys weren't.As in Iran Friday is weekend so Tuesday is a better day to celebrate valentine than Saturday which is the first day of the week and almost every one is busy .
I ate Pichmolba , it was an ice cream having nuts around. Unfortunately the waiter didn't know where it comes from. Nafise ate fruit kabab. Kabab is a famous Iranian food, it's being made of meat and onions putting them around a stiff and is really delicious, I still haven't seen anyone who dislikes it. When we saw the fruit kabab in the menu we thought it would be some fruit being heated around a stiff .but as it was in the menu of colds so we decided to explore it! fruit kabab was made of icecream and fruits around some stiff. both: Pichmolba and fruit kabab were delicious and beautiful .I'll upload photos later.
we talked a lot about every thing and as always we ended up in talking around love and relationship! the background music was some outstanding tracks of cris de burge. I was listening and seizing while talking to Nafise till it started the Hotel California by Eagles, this one means a lot to me,u know? A had given it to me, and I had listened it for the first time with him, and after that listened over and over in different steps of the relationship. I don't want to listen it over and over anymore. I don't want to mix up my memories, I want to keep them as memories of my first love .Although I don't love him any more, I want to keep mint whatever which reminds me that one day I've been madly in love, despite of all mistakes we both made. so I told Nafise that I can't listen to it and in front of Nafise's wide eyes, I stood up to go, we paid and continued talking in my car (both costed 6000 tomans-about $6- notwithstanding to how much each thing we eat cost, we always divide the bill: so we had a nice night just for $3! )

That's it

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

relationships vs softwares

Today's conclusions:

1- All day (working day) long I was working on Urumia(a city in the North East of Iran that has one of my company's softwares)'s problem. Funnily enough the software's working well, whereas I've actually changed nothing but some loggs and testing over and over ! you know such kind of problems can be in one of these categories: awesome and awful: awesome cause they aren't software's bug and happen only because of the customer hardware or software problems, and can be awful cause they are solved without finding the exact reason so by the time they happen again the same time has to be consumed for finding the error plus a time to solve it and if these kind of problems happen a lot would force a company to think of replace it by a better designed software: exactly like a silent relationship ,such a relationship can be awesome cause the two have no problem with each other or can be awful cause they don't talk about the problem and it seems that it has been solved so the same time it happens nothing's better than last time, and if it happens usually it will cause the relationship to end and be replaced by another one.
2- One of the best ways of devastating your self-confidence is excusing for the same problem over and over and not changing your self.
3- Not having stress at work and not assuming your self as the one who's responsible for the problem is a gold key to success: today for the first time in whole my professional life a severe problem occurred to my software guess what?: I behaved with no stress ,I did my best, at the end I didn't wait for the customer response, respected my self and my time ,got out at the end of the work hour ,came home, didn't pay attention to the worry version of my self inside till I saw the customer's number on my cellphone IdCaller:I bet u can't guess what did he say,he said:I'm calling to thank you for what you did today,the problem is completely solved – what a nice little sweetie success it is!
4-Assar(a Persian singer) is a singer for all seasons!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

girlish diary

I have network exam on Sunday. I have to study the rest of 10 slides yet but not in studding mood!
I had uga class last night. this Uga class is a famous one in mashhad among others .most of my class mates are older that 40.and all are women(it's a women class) most of them are working as doctor,nurse,university tutor and … . At the end of the class Mrs. Faghani sang an Old Iranian song from about 40s (in Persian calendar and equals to 60s) she used to be a guidance school teacher and now is retired. I love her because she's so sweet. I wish to become such an interesting grandma!
After uga I had a 30 min massage class. It was the last session of its 6 sessions. On this session we worked on hands and it was cool to here some about reflexotherapy.what an amazing science it is! Isn't it wired that for example massaging your fingers helps u become better when u've got cold!
After class I went to darchin coffee shop for the first time with a guy asking me out .it smelled exactly like nasrin's house(I'll talk about her later) there were a couple behind us talking but after a while it seemed that the talk is turning to a serious argument and their sounds were going up and up!!Then I don't know exactly why but I remembered a guy asking me for getting marry telling me is fighting necessary for living? and what's the exact definition of the fight? U know I think surviving an argument or fight or quarrel with telling what u should tell and letting out every thing u wanna let out and in the upper level letting these words out in a way u could persuade the other, is really a needed skill- especially for girls cause they've been learnt to be "GOOD"-and helps u to sleep tighter.
And about the guy,he's a year older than me and is planning to get to Australia(it seems that unfortunately or maybe fortunately nowadays in Iran every skilled workers are migrating to Australia) I think because of that he's working in a man area and there's no girl around him he's tough. Although he has 3 sisters he seemed to be more BOY than needed! It also has driven him to become cold I suppose. He doesn't like cooking and shopping at all! He seems to be shy. He's not talkative! And unfortunately is not a professional movie watcher and book reader. Instead he's an over-professional computer gamer .so he doesn't seem to be my case!
After coming out of the coffee shop I started to feel stomach ache and it increased by the time I got home, in a way that I just fell on the bed till morning. I still feel some pain and sense of vomit! I think I've over drank coffee these days and as my stomach is weak it has started giving me errors:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

growing up

Recent days have been very nice days to me because I have learnt a of the most important adventures of these days has been my argument with my close friend at work.we have been close friends by the time we have started working here but have never been in a same team till now that we have been arranged to work together on a same team.I think the problem is that she's a bit proud and easy-insulted , on the other hand I expect too much of a friend I suppose,whereas the problem has been solved and she became upset after finding out all the scenario,and now she's not that much ok!but it's only the business and I hope she doesn't hurt herself anymore . from all happenings I've learnt to be selfish and half-hearted at work,even to those whome I think are close and reliable friends. And never judge anything till having enough information.isn't it very nice that I'm growing up that much!actually my job is changing me from a spoilt girl to an adult!it's one of the reasons I love it that much.

University exams have started and I'm so busy but haven't stopped IELTS reading class and I've devised not to stop it .

That's it.