Sunday, February 15, 2009

a day full of new experiences

Last thursday I went to one of my friend's villa with some friends for lunch.the villa was somewhere called golmakan , about 35 km far from Mashhad,. it was a little nice villa among a garden with a small stable in the corner. There was an old heater inside, it was a long time I hadn't seen an old heater which uses wood to heat .as it was becoming colder ,Bahram invited me to experience analog ways of living!he meant collecting wood for the heater:) we collected some wood together and turned on the heater, soon it heated up, much sooner than a gas heater does .Reza(the owner of the villa) said such amount of woods(there were about 10 woods ,each one about 60 cm) last only for an hour, I was wondering even simplest processes of life used to be really time-consuming one day! it is why technology progress has been that much slow I suppose-just compare the time we use to turning on a gas or electrical heater with the time they had to use to collect and chop that much wood just for heating the house for some hours!Bahram showed me a pool the locals had made to collect water for water shortage days, till yesterday I thought locals use only cellars or something like that underground to save water. I carried saddle for the first time ,was heavy. Reza said they cost between 200 thousand to 2 million tomans(about $200-$2000) it depends on the leather which is been used to make it, being artificial leather or original.
To reach there I drove out the city for the first time, it wasn't hard at all, just a little bit scary when those heavy trucks passed ! Bahram thought my car doesn't have heater! As he said some Paykans don't have heater because they don't have thermostats!! but mine has heater so has thermostats D: -what a scientific journey has it been:)-


  1. I love the way you tell take the reader right there with you :)

    You seem to have had fun...

    OK, here's a thought for you: How has YOUR own life style changed in the past 10 years? Do you even remember what life was like before internet? Remeber the days that to find info and do school research we had to go ALL THE WAY to a library instead of googling it? Do you remember that we had to write the info we found down using pen and paper...Now THAT was time-consming ;p ;p ;p

    oh, by the way, remember those floppy disks?

    LOVE your blog Fateme...keep it up

  2. salam fateme. i have read your blog for the first time yesterday. i found it very interesting. your english is very good. i agree with you that in old days it used to take time to do even mundane things. however, i think peoples lives were much happier than. modern life has become stressful. although, i don't know, may be in modern iran people still have simple life. the part of the world i live life is complex and stressful. i have to admit one thing, people in muslim countries have much happier lives compared to life in west.