Thursday, January 29, 2009

girlish diary

I have network exam on Sunday. I have to study the rest of 10 slides yet but not in studding mood!
I had uga class last night. this Uga class is a famous one in mashhad among others .most of my class mates are older that 40.and all are women(it's a women class) most of them are working as doctor,nurse,university tutor and … . At the end of the class Mrs. Faghani sang an Old Iranian song from about 40s (in Persian calendar and equals to 60s) she used to be a guidance school teacher and now is retired. I love her because she's so sweet. I wish to become such an interesting grandma!
After uga I had a 30 min massage class. It was the last session of its 6 sessions. On this session we worked on hands and it was cool to here some about reflexotherapy.what an amazing science it is! Isn't it wired that for example massaging your fingers helps u become better when u've got cold!
After class I went to darchin coffee shop for the first time with a guy asking me out .it smelled exactly like nasrin's house(I'll talk about her later) there were a couple behind us talking but after a while it seemed that the talk is turning to a serious argument and their sounds were going up and up!!Then I don't know exactly why but I remembered a guy asking me for getting marry telling me is fighting necessary for living? and what's the exact definition of the fight? U know I think surviving an argument or fight or quarrel with telling what u should tell and letting out every thing u wanna let out and in the upper level letting these words out in a way u could persuade the other, is really a needed skill- especially for girls cause they've been learnt to be "GOOD"-and helps u to sleep tighter.
And about the guy,he's a year older than me and is planning to get to Australia(it seems that unfortunately or maybe fortunately nowadays in Iran every skilled workers are migrating to Australia) I think because of that he's working in a man area and there's no girl around him he's tough. Although he has 3 sisters he seemed to be more BOY than needed! It also has driven him to become cold I suppose. He doesn't like cooking and shopping at all! He seems to be shy. He's not talkative! And unfortunately is not a professional movie watcher and book reader. Instead he's an over-professional computer gamer .so he doesn't seem to be my case!
After coming out of the coffee shop I started to feel stomach ache and it increased by the time I got home, in a way that I just fell on the bed till morning. I still feel some pain and sense of vomit! I think I've over drank coffee these days and as my stomach is weak it has started giving me errors:)

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  1. I admire your ability to write in English! Sadly, I could never write in Persian or Farsi (and I don't even know which, if any of those, is the correct language of your country). I have a daughter who is about your age, as well as a son older than she is and also a young son.
    I have bookmarked your blog and will return to read it with pleasure.