Tuesday, February 3, 2009

relationships vs softwares

Today's conclusions:

1- All day (working day) long I was working on Urumia(a city in the North East of Iran that has one of my company's softwares)'s problem. Funnily enough the software's working well, whereas I've actually changed nothing but some loggs and testing over and over ! you know such kind of problems can be in one of these categories: awesome and awful: awesome cause they aren't software's bug and happen only because of the customer hardware or software problems, and can be awful cause they are solved without finding the exact reason so by the time they happen again the same time has to be consumed for finding the error plus a time to solve it and if these kind of problems happen a lot would force a company to think of replace it by a better designed software: exactly like a silent relationship ,such a relationship can be awesome cause the two have no problem with each other or can be awful cause they don't talk about the problem and it seems that it has been solved so the same time it happens nothing's better than last time, and if it happens usually it will cause the relationship to end and be replaced by another one.
2- One of the best ways of devastating your self-confidence is excusing for the same problem over and over and not changing your self.
3- Not having stress at work and not assuming your self as the one who's responsible for the problem is a gold key to success: today for the first time in whole my professional life a severe problem occurred to my software guess what?: I behaved with no stress ,I did my best, at the end I didn't wait for the customer response, respected my self and my time ,got out at the end of the work hour ,came home, didn't pay attention to the worry version of my self inside till I saw the customer's number on my cellphone IdCaller:I bet u can't guess what did he say,he said:I'm calling to thank you for what you did today,the problem is completely solved – what a nice little sweetie success it is!
4-Assar(a Persian singer) is a singer for all seasons!

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