Wednesday, January 21, 2009

growing up

Recent days have been very nice days to me because I have learnt a of the most important adventures of these days has been my argument with my close friend at work.we have been close friends by the time we have started working here but have never been in a same team till now that we have been arranged to work together on a same team.I think the problem is that she's a bit proud and easy-insulted , on the other hand I expect too much of a friend I suppose,whereas the problem has been solved and she became upset after finding out all the scenario,and now she's not that much ok!but it's only the business and I hope she doesn't hurt herself anymore . from all happenings I've learnt to be selfish and half-hearted at work,even to those whome I think are close and reliable friends. And never judge anything till having enough information.isn't it very nice that I'm growing up that much!actually my job is changing me from a spoilt girl to an adult!it's one of the reasons I love it that much.

University exams have started and I'm so busy but haven't stopped IELTS reading class and I've devised not to stop it .

That's it.

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