Tuesday, February 17, 2009

expriencing or not?

There are times you are happy, successful, self-confident and … suddenly those annoying memories come to your mind and descend the satisfying degree. I hate such times which spoil my life. today was one of those days, exactly by the time I was happy and walking somewhere between sky and ground, memories and justifications played the role of a stave and …BANG! it came down on my head and I fell on the ground, this feeling was annoying me till after dinner that I went to walk around our little garden among the yard of the house. During walking I was analyzing this process and finally I concluded it’s the cost of the experiencing , it means that if one doesn't like to pay the cost of experience, shouldn't experience it, otherwise will be annoyed. on the other hand if one decides to pay the cost, should be tough enough and Undoubtedly the more one pays, the more mature will come. it's my opinion though you may have another and I respect it.


  1. Hello Fateme!
    I am reading your blog for my middle eastern anthropology class at the university of vermont in the united states. I was wondering how internet use has become more prominent in your life in the past few years and how your life was different before you started to use the internet. Is it easier to socialize with friends over the internet? Is it easier to "meet" boys over the internet rather than in person? Anything else interesting you want to tell me would be awesome too!
    -undergrad student

  2. hello!, im a american teenage boy, hoping to someday study abroad in iran! these experiences that you speak of, what type of experiences are they?