Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Success

Yesterday I gain a great success after a long time. I believed in something I was sure that is true but my project manager didn't accept that ,despite ever I didn't kill my self to convince him, instead I explain my reasons after he didn't accept what I told and his reasons weren't logical, so I told him that: It's my opinion whether you accept it or not and started to talk about a technical problem I had with my code.


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  2. Hello,
    I would also be happy to help you with your English and would like to be your friend.

    I'm trying to establish more online social networks with Iranians to enhance a grassroots peace between the US and Iran.

    Thank you for your blog!

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Chad Cole
    California, US

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  4. Oi, Tudo bem? Meu nome é Roger, sou Brasileiro, e estou lendo um livro, que boa parte dele ocorre no Irã. E assim, surgiu o interesse em conversar com alguem desse país. Perguntar sobre o oriente médio, costumes, e quem sabe, fazer uma amizade. Meu avô era árabe. Efim. Meu email é Obrigado. Hi, you are ok? My name is Roger, I'm Braziliam, and I'm reading a book, that his many parts happens on Irã. And so, came the interest to talk with any person your country. To ask about East, and perhaps, to make a friend. My grandpha are arabian. Anyway, my e-mail are Thanks.

  5. Só mais uma coisa: como é dificil encontrar blogs Iranianos! Procurei viu? Muuuito... rsrs... abraços... One more thing: it's so hard to find iranians blogs! I tried, you see??? Verrrryy muucchhhhh... rsrs... hugs..

  6. Hello Fateme..
    Yes you think right even me I made own blog
    to help me to imporov my English
    Keep going ...

  7. Hi dear
    Seems we have a lot in common. My name is Fateme Saadati. I live in Mashad.I love English.I like to improve it. I like to get in touch with people who feel the same.... .
    Isn't that interesting?!
    I'm studying in Ferdowsi University of Mashad in English literature.I'm a senior.I'm 23. I think we can make good friends and help each other. If that's the way u think too, u can email me. I would be so glad if that happens :).

  8. Dear Fateme
    My Name is Harrison Apple, I am writing to ask for you input on a project I am working on called "Conflict Kitchen",
    in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Conflict Kitchen is a project that aims
    to foster dialogue over countries in conflict with the U.S. using food as a tool for dialogue. The venue is an influx takeout window that serves Iranian cuisine. The meal comes in a wrapper that will be printed with information such as responses we receive from Iranians and we hope that you will take this chance to participate in the dialogue.
    As we are researching Iran, we would love for you to respond with your
    thoughts on the subject of these questions with which we hope to gain a
    greater cultural perspective of modern Iran.

    Please feel free to respond at your convenience, and we would greatly
    appreciate your sending this to anyone you think would be interested.


    Harrison Apple

    Why is bread so highly valued in Persian culture? Describe how this is so
    in everyday life.

    How does tea act as a social lubricant in Iran? Please detail any of the
    rituals surround tea service and consumption, including tearooms and daily
    life with family. Describe the perfect Persian tea.

    Please relay a personal situation in which you have utilized/recited
    poetry to connect your life circumstances to larger themes. What were the
    stanzas of the poem that you used? (For example: Perhaps a long-lost
    family member has returned, you may recite from part of Rudaki's "Reunion
    after Separation" 'Of the pangs of separation I have suffered and borne
    more, Than, through all the distant ages, any mortal being bore; And my
    heart had quite forgotten all the charms of union sweet, But what job
    'tis, after severance, with one's idol to meet.'

    Describe a Nowruz tradition that is significant to your family.

    What do role do Persian carpets serve in contemporary Iran? What do they
    mean? What are some of the plants and vegetables that are used as dye
    sources for Persian carpets.

    What your favorite contemporary Iranian film and why?

    How do the youth of Iran utilize their outward appearance to express their
    personal identity? What are they trying to say about their generation?

    Describe your most memorable moment that involves Iranian soccer.

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