Friday, February 13, 2009

sheng coffee shop

Yesterday I went to one of my friends villa out of the city,I will write about it later on,
After coming back to the city I thought it's a long time I haven't seen Nafise, a glimpse to my watch and :YES I HAVE TIME.I called her and we went to sheng ,a coffee shop in hashemie, I had plan to go someday. It has a more romantic area than Secret café-another café in hashemie- which is a real hotbox!. almost all who were sitting where couples and had come for valentine day. most girls were smoking whereas boys weren't.As in Iran Friday is weekend so Tuesday is a better day to celebrate valentine than Saturday which is the first day of the week and almost every one is busy .
I ate Pichmolba , it was an ice cream having nuts around. Unfortunately the waiter didn't know where it comes from. Nafise ate fruit kabab. Kabab is a famous Iranian food, it's being made of meat and onions putting them around a stiff and is really delicious, I still haven't seen anyone who dislikes it. When we saw the fruit kabab in the menu we thought it would be some fruit being heated around a stiff .but as it was in the menu of colds so we decided to explore it! fruit kabab was made of icecream and fruits around some stiff. both: Pichmolba and fruit kabab were delicious and beautiful .I'll upload photos later.
we talked a lot about every thing and as always we ended up in talking around love and relationship! the background music was some outstanding tracks of cris de burge. I was listening and seizing while talking to Nafise till it started the Hotel California by Eagles, this one means a lot to me,u know? A had given it to me, and I had listened it for the first time with him, and after that listened over and over in different steps of the relationship. I don't want to listen it over and over anymore. I don't want to mix up my memories, I want to keep them as memories of my first love .Although I don't love him any more, I want to keep mint whatever which reminds me that one day I've been madly in love, despite of all mistakes we both made. so I told Nafise that I can't listen to it and in front of Nafise's wide eyes, I stood up to go, we paid and continued talking in my car (both costed 6000 tomans-about $6- notwithstanding to how much each thing we eat cost, we always divide the bill: so we had a nice night just for $3! )

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